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Omnichannel communication to broadcast your services at full force

Omnichannel communication
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WhatsApp Messaging

Communicate with leads/customers through WhatsApp chat inside your EQUP account and always stay on top of your marketing game!

  • Send Messages
  • Receive Messages
  • Automated messages through Campaigns
  • Send notifications through whatsapp messages.
WhatsApp messaging

Text Message

Do you know text messages have more read rate as compared to emails?

EQUP allows you to send your latest discounts and time-sensitive offers to updated contact lists through text messages.

  • Send Messages
  • Receive Messages
  • Mass Messaging with personalization.
  • Automated messages through Campaigns
  • Send notifications through text messages.
Text message


Spread the word and get really personal with your customers by sending customized and tailored emails through Gmail, Outlook or IMAP/SMTP.

  • Integrate your Gmail/Outlook account with EQUP
  • Send/Schedule/Receive email inside EQUP's communication section.
  • Send sequence through workflow.
  • Get notification on dashboard whenever you receive a new email from your lead or customers.
Email integration

In-built Telephone

Make phone calls and keep track of all of them in one place, giving your sales team the power to connect with leads through the in-built telephone.

  • Make calls directly from your browser.
  • Record Calls
  • Track calls log.
In-built Telephone

Social media marketing – the king that rules all

Promote your business and attract more customers than ever – make the most of this generation’s love for social media for unimaginable growth. Schedule your posts whenever your audience is most active!

  • Connect with your leads through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and twitter.
  • Post content on different social media channels simultaneously.
  • Schedule Social Media Postings.
Social media marketing

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