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Key Features Serving as the Winning Formula for Financial Services

EQUP offers an innovative solution with powerful features designed to streamline operations for financial services, enabling them to grow their businesses successfully.

Lead Management
Document Management
Sales Pipelines
Appointment Scheduler
Email Marketing
Agreements with E-sign
WhatsApp Marketing
AI Chat Bot
SMS Marketing
WorkFlow Automation

How EQUP's Exceptional Features Drive Growth in Financial Business?

From lead generation to customer retention, EQUP offers unique features that ensure maximum efficiency and success in every aspect of your finance management business.

Sales Management

EQUP acts as a central hub, allowing sales reps of the financing companies to track leads, manage important documents, automate appointment scheduling, and close more deals.

EQUP acts as a central repository for capturing leads from various sources, be it website forms, phone calls, emails, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Chatbot, etc. Our solution helps classify and qualify leads based on predefined criteria. This ensures that high-potential leads are prioritized and nurtured effectively.
  • Centralize lead information, ditching scattered spreadsheets.
  • Automatically capture leads from Landing Page, Website, Booking Widget, LinkedIn, Forms, etc.
  • Score leads by demographics, budget, and buying intent to focus on high-potential prospects.
  • Nurture leads with automated emails, personalized content, and scheduled follow-ups.

EQUP eliminates the back-and-forth of phone calls and emails for appointment scheduling. Clients can conveniently book appointments directly through the booking calendar available on the website selecting slots based on the financial advisor’s availability and their own preferences. Two-way calendar integration ensures automated reminders to both client and advisor to minimize no-shows.
  • Centralize appointment details, ditching separate scheduling tools.
  • Instantly see team schedules, making appointment booking a breeze.
  • Integrate with Google Calendar or Outlook, preventing scheduling conflicts.
  • Boost client satisfaction with smooth appointment scheduling.

Define and customize the stages of your sales process, from initial lead qualification to closed deals. Each opportunity can be placed within the pipeline, providing a clear view of its progress and potential value. EQUP also offers a visual representation of each stage of the sales process, allowing finance professionals to track and monitor the status of individual deals in real time.
  • Customize pipeline stages to align with specific business requirements and sales workflows.
  • Drag and drop opportunities between stages to easily track deal progress.
  • Forecast accurate sales through insights into deal velocity, conversion rates, and potential revenue.
  • Prioritize leads by potential revenue, likelihood of closing, or sales cycle stage to focus on high-value opportunities.

EQUP allows finance professionals to generate agreements efficiently from templates, electronic signatures, and agreement reviewal features. With centralized storage and easy retrieval, your clients can access agreements in a secured space, electronically sign them, and send them back.
  • Create and customize agreements or upload your own agreement templates.
  • Share agreements with your clients and request them to sign and approve through client Portal.
  • Store all agreements securely at a centralized place for easy access and retrieval.
  • No need for printing, scanning, and mailing physical documents, saving time.

EQUP offers a centralized repository for all financial documents, from invoices and receipts to contracts and audit reports. It also offers a structured framework for categorizing documents according to business requirements. With robust search functionality and customizable filters, businesses can find any document quickly and easily. Maintain control over access levels of documents through customizable permissions.
  • Reduce clutter by storing all documents and files in one centralized location.
  • Organize documents into folders and categories for easy retrieval and efficient management.
  • Control access to sensitive documents with a customizable permissions option.
  • Securely Share and Request Documents from Clients via the Client Portal.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs, and Optimize Performance!

EQUP’s financial management solution has cutting-edge features that can elevate your business to new heights!

Marketing Management

EQUP’s finance management solution facilitates strategic planning, execution, and analysis of marketing initiatives within the finance sector.

EQUP allows targeted and personalized communication with clients and prospects via email campaigns. This versatile tool allows finance professionals to create, schedule, and track email campaigns with ease. With customizable templates and dynamic content capabilities, they can tailor messages to resonate with specific audience segments, enhancing engagement and driving conversions.
  • Access to a variety of customizable email templates tailored for finance professionals.
  • Segment email lists based on various criteria for targeted and personalized communication.
  • Automate email campaigns, including drip campaigns, welcome sequences, and follow-up emails.
  • Robust analytics and reporting tools track key metrics, like open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Engage with clients and prospects through targeted and personalized text message campaigns. EQUP allows businesses to create, schedule, and track SMS campaigns, taking benefit of the immediacy and accessibility of text messaging to reach audiences effectively. With customizable message templates, they can tailor messages to resonate with specific audience segments, enhancing engagement and driving conversions.
  • Create, customize, and send instant messages to your existing clients and prospects.
  • Design targeted SMS campaigns based on advanced segmentation for maximum impact.
  • Automate SMS campaigns, including drip sequences, reminders, and follow-ups.
  • High open rates of SMS messages increase the likelihood of messages being read and acted upon.

Engage with clients and prospects through personalized and interactive messaging on the popular messaging platform synced with EQUP. Create, schedule, and track WhatsApp campaigns efficiently, leveraging the widespread adoption of WhatsApp to reach audiences effectively. Deliver rich and engaging content with images, videos, or GIFs attached, enhancing communication and driving conversions.
  • Integrate multimedia for interactive messaging.
  • Real-time messaging for instant client communication.
  • Cost-effective WhatsApp marketing yields high ROI.
  • Strengthen client relationships and boost brand loyalty.

Effortlessly coordinate and manage social media activities. EQUP allows businesses to schedule engaging content across diverse platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, all from a centralized interface. Use AI assistance to craft compelling posts and images that resonate with your target audience, enhancing engagement and brand visibility.
  • Pre-schedule social posts across multiple platforms.
  • Use AI for relevant image generation and draft content ideas.
  • Monitor engagement metrics like views, likes, and comments.
  • Manage all social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) in one dashboard.

Integrate your business LinkedIn with EQUP and it provides comprehensive capabilities for prospecting and targeting potential clients within the finance sector. With advanced search filters and segmentation options, businesses can pinpoint ideal prospects based on criteria such as industry, job title, company size, and geographic location. EQUP also allows finance professionals to connect with prospects, send personalized messages, and track interactions directly within the interface.
  • Use advanced search filters and segmentation options to identify ideal prospects.
  • Connect with prospects, send personalized messages and track interactions.
  • Craft personalized messages to prospects, increasing the likelihood of engagement.
  • Increase brand visibility and credibility by engaging with prospects on LinkedIn.

AI-Powered Automation

By leveraging AI-powered automation with EQUP, businesses in the financial sector can significantly reduce manual workloads, improve accuracy, gain valuable insights, and make smarter financial decisions.

EQUP allows capturing leads, nurturing them, scheduling appointments, and sending invoices – all on autopilot. It automates the entire client lifecycle, freeing your team to focus on what matters most.
  • Automate lead capture through forms, booking widget, whatsapp, LinkedIn, and chatbots.
  • Implement automated personalized outreach via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media.
  • Automate agreement sharing, payment processing, invoicing, notification and reminders.
  • Automate post-purchase marketing and feedback collection.

Automate routine tasks and standardize processes with EQUP. With customizable workflows, users can define and automate complex business processes tailored to their specific needs, ensuring consistency and efficiency across the company. Workflow automation also enhances collaboration and communication among team members.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and update workflows to reduce manual effort.
  • Accelerate processing times for financial tasks such as invoice approval, expense reporting, etc., through automation.
  • Configure workflows to match finance business requirements and adapt to changing needs.
  • Enhance customer experience with faster transactions, instant responses, and transparent processes.

Automate sending personalized email, sms whatsapp campaigns based on a client's financial profile or investment goals with EQUP. Financial advisors can even leverage social media scheduling and targeted content delivery to reach potential clients. This streamlines marketing efforts, eliminates repetitive tasks, and allows them to focus on building relationships and closing deals.
  • Design and automate sending personalized email, sms, whatsapp sequences based on a client's financial profile, investment goals, or past interactions.
  • Schedule and publish social media content directly through EQUP.
  • Assign scores to leads based on their behavior and financial data, prioritizing high-potential clients for targeted outreach.
  • Enhance Return on Investment (ROI) through effective cross-sell and upsell campaigns.

EQUP enables finance professionals to automate the billing process, from generating invoices and processing payments. With customizable billing rules, businesses can customize billing processes to fit specific requirements. By integrating with payment gateways, billing automation facilitates seamless financial transactions and reconciliation, saving time and improving cash flow management.
  • Customize and automate billing processes to fit specific business requirements.
  • Automate payment processing and collection, and reduce the risk of late payments.
  • Seamlessly integrate with payment gateways for efficient financial transactions.
  • Minimize payment failures or delays by implementing automated reminders and notifications.

Offer round-the-clock customer support and lead nurturing through EQUP's Chatbot. Our AI-powered virtual assistant handles lead inquiries, providing instant responses to common questions and even scheduling appointments autonomously. Capable of understanding customer queries and offering relevant information, the Chatbot ensures seamless communication and directs inquiries to the right financial advisor, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • Offer 24/7 customer support via AI chatbot.
  • Customize interactions to comprehend customer inquiries and preferences.
  • Reduce operational expenses linked to customer service with the use of a chatbot.
  • Collect valuable customer insights through chatbot interactions for future use.

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