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Key Features To Optimize Service Business Operations

Optimize your service business operations with precision and efficiency by leveraging different features that EQUP offers.

Online Bookings
Automated Estimates
Client Portal
Document Management
Scheduling and Dispatching
Custom CRM
Appointments and Meeting
Agreements with E-sign
Business Flow Automation
Marketing Automation

How EQUP Helps Service Businesses Win More Jobs?

By offering solutions for scheduling jobs, generating estimates, communicating with customers and handling other aspects, EQUP provides your business a competitive advantage.

Job Management

Coordinate schedules, assign jobs, and track progress with EQUP. It's like having an additional dedicated team member who is constantly managing your jobs efficiently.

EQUP acts like a personal assistant, making sure technicians are in the right place at the right time. It optimizes their routes and ensures timely service delivery, allowing businesses to effectively manage their service operations.
  • Schedule jobs by dragging and dropping on a visual calendar.
  • Automatically assign jobs to suitable team members.
  • Ensure balanced workloads across the team.
  • Keep your team informed with automated notifications.

Organize and maintain customer information in one centralized location with EQUP. From contact details to service history, it allows businesses to track interactions, manage appointments, and provide personalized service to clients.
  • Save all your customer details in one place.
  • Check customer service history and related details.
  • Track interactions and actions taken with potential customers.
  • Manage service appointments and jobs’ statuses.
  • Assign lead score based on interactions and responses.

EQUP allows businesses to build accurate and transparent cost estimates for customers before initiating service. With customizable templates and automated calculations, creating and sending estimates becomes effortless, empowering businesses to efficiently manage their sales pipeline.
  • Use templates to fastrack estimate creation.
  • Create custom templates.
  • Build service estimates with AI-assistance.
  • Speed up estimate approval by client with e-signatures.

EQUP allows technicians to conduct on-site inspections, capturing detailed data and observations based on pre-built sets of questionnaires for specific service types.
  • Create custom inspection templates.
  • Input on-site inspection findings in real time.
  • Reduce errors and inefficiencies with digitization.
  • Provide customers with accurate assessment and estimates.

EQUP allows technicians to access and fill out digital forms directly from their mobile devices while on-site. They can efficiently capture essential information, such as work details, and equipment status, all within EQUP’s mobile app.
  • Customize forms to fit job requirements.
  • Avoid paperwork, manual data entry and reduce errors.
  • Store complete job details digitally.
  • Checklist forms to provide quality service.

Automate Your Service Business and Get It Organized!

Get started with EQUP to simplify your service business scheduling, enhance communication, and optimize resource allocation.

Sales Management

Update your sales process, from lead generation to closing deals, empowering businesses to efficiently manage their sales pipeline using EQUP.

Give your customers a user-friendly interface to select available time slots, specify service requirements, and receive instant confirmation.
  • Simplify booking process with online bookings.
  • Customize booking wizards for diverse services.
  • Get instant booking payments for your services.
  • Send personalized booking confirmations and reminders.

Create and manage service contracts and maintenance agreements with your customers. EQUP allows you to upload your agreement or generate them using AI and share them with your clients.
  • Create agreements templates using AI.
  • Upload your own agreements and share them with clients.
  • Automate notifications and reminders for timely actions.
  • Speed up e-signatures and agreement approvals.

Get a visual representation of the sales process and track your business leads from initial contact to closing deals with EQUP. It enables your sales teams to prioritize leads, identify blockages, and forecast revenue with greater accuracy.
  • Customize pipelines to fit your business needs.
  • Automate pipeline based on job status.
  • Customize pipeline views into Kanban & List views.
  • Manage deals easily with drag and drop features.

Give a dedicated online platform to your clients where they can access documents, agreements, Service Status, appointment scheduling, booking services and update credit card information.
  • Give clients easy access to documents, invoices and payments.
  • Share documents, request necessary files and e-signatures.
  • Allow them to choose time slots and book appointments.
  • Allow them to securely update their payment details.

EQUP allows businesses to generate custom reports to gain a comprehensive view of their operations. By analyzing service metrics, customer feedback, and technician performance, businesses can identify areas for improvement.
  • Custom Dashboards to view sales and marketing data.
  • Build customized reports based on available data.
  • Use performance metrics and interactive widgets for data interpretation.
  • Export reports.
  • Create advanced reports with AI assistance.

AI-Powered Automation

With AI-powered automation, EQUP allows businesses to automate their operations from sales to marketing, billing to invoicing and even client communication.

Automate your customer journey seamlessly from service inquiry to service delivery. With EQUP’s business flow automation tool, streamline your processes and ensure efficient communication at every step. Enhance customer satisfaction and optimize your workflow with our intuitive platform.
  • Streamline processes and reduce manual tasks with automated workflows.
  • Automate interactions and touchpoints throughout the customer journey.
  • Configure settings once and let the system run smoothly thereafter.
  • Boost efficiency and output by automating repetitive tasks.

Automate tasks such as assigning appointments and tasks, automating pipelines, updating contact lifecycle stages, applying tags, assigning contact owners, and sharing data with third-party apps using webhooks, all through workflow automation.
  • Automate pipeline management to streamline sales.
  • Track contacts' lifecycle stages with automated updates.
  • Simplify contact organization and segmentation with automated tags.
  • Integrate third-party apps to enhance your workflow.

Automate Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing and others, saving time and resources of businesses.
  • Use pre-designed templates for Email, SMS and WhatsApp campaigns.
  • Create service-specific landing pages for lead generation.
  • Engage leads across multiple channels like social media, email, SMS and WhatsApp.
  • Segment your customers based on behavior for precision targeting.

Generate and send invoices automatically based on completed work orders with EQUP, eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors.
  • Generate and send service invoices automatically.
  • Integrate various payment gateways for smooth transactions.
  • Track KPI, trends and insights through analytics and reports.
  • Send important reminders and notifications to your customers.

Ensure fast and accurate responses to customer queries with EQUP’s AI ChatBot, assisting your sales team in enhancing connections and building stronger relationships by providing 24/7 customer support.
  • Access 24/7 support for all your inquiries using AI ChatBot.
  • Experience effortless bookings with AI.
  • Interactive human like conversations.
  • Let customers schedule appointments within the Chatbot.
  • Keep your customer updated with job status through Chatbot.

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