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Key EQUP Features Designed for E-commerce Success

Explore EQUP's key features designed to optimize efficiency, personalize the customer experience, and drive sustainable success.

Contact Management
Email Marketing
WorkFlow Automation
Product Management
SMS Marketing
Marketing Automation
E-commerce Integrations
WhatsApp Marketing
Track Orders via Pipeline
AI Chat Bot

How EQUP’s Features Fuel Your E-commerce Business Success?

EQUP's innovative features empower E-commerce businesses to reorganize operations, optimize marketing, and convert more visitors into loyal customers.

E-commerce Management

EQUP empowers online retailers to effectively manage their digital storefronts, ensuring smooth operations and improved customer experiences.

Store contact details, purchase history, and communication threads in one place. EQUP lets e-commerce business owners personalize outreach, target past buyers with promotions, and efficiently handle customer inquiries, all within a single platform. Segment contacts based on purchase behavior, and preferences to run targeted campaigns and do much more.
  • Aggregate names, emails, addresses, purchase history, and communication threads into a single, organized platform.
  • Tailor email campaigns, product recommendations, and shopping experiences based on customer preferences and buying habits.
  • Engage customers via email marketing, chat support, and social media within the platform.
  • Organize communication logs to streamline support, enabling reps to access past interactions and boost satisfaction levels.

EQUP acts as a command center for your entire product catalog. Easily add product details, and categorize your offerings for a seamless browsing experience. EQUP offers analytics, allowing you to track product performance and optimize your product listings for better visibility and conversions.
  • Add, edit, and update product descriptions, images, specifications, and pricing, all through a centralized location.
  • Automate inventory updates based on sales and set reorder points to ensure you have complete control over your inventory.
  • Streamline your workflow by syncing products, coupons, and orders seamlessly with your store. No more manual updates!
  • Categorize and organize your product catalog allowing customers to find what they're looking for quickly.

EQUP’s strong integration capabilities act as a bridge that smoothly connects other e-commerce platforms with its functionalities. This eliminates the need for manual data entry between systems and ensures real-time synchronization of product information, inventory levels, and order details. Enjoy a smooth workflow and the ability to manage your entire online store from a single, centralized hub, i.e., EQUP.
  • Connect existing e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, Woocommerce or Magento, with EQUP.
  • Real-time sync safeguards product information, inventory levels, and order details are always up-to-date across both platforms.
  • Manage your entire online store from a single hub, eliminating the need to switch between platforms for different tasks.
  • As your business grows and your product catalog expands, EQUP adapts and handles the increased workload efficiently.

EQUP empowers you to visualize your ecommerce journey. See your orders flow through a clear sales pipeline, each stage represented visually. This transparency lets you track deals effortlessly, understanding exactly where each customer is in the buying process.
  • Track all customer interactions, from product views to abandoned carts, within automated pipelines.
  • Customized pipelines to match your specific sales funnel and customer journey.
  • Move deals between stages manually or define automated workflows for automatic deal management.
  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and purchase details instantly, allowing you to personalize your marketing strategies.

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Marketing Management

EQUP allows you to create targeted email campaigns, manage social media promotions, and track campaign performance, all within one platform.

Cultivate customer relationships and drive sales through targeted email campaigns within EQUP. Design visually appealing emails, segment customer lists, and schedule automated campaigns for maximum impact. Automate emails for abandoned carts, welcome messages, and post-purchase follow-ups to nurture leads.
  • Design professional-looking email campaigns with user-friendly drag-and-drop options and a library of pre-built templates.
  • Send personalized emails with relevant product recommendations and special offers by segmenting your audience based on their behavior.
  • Schedule automated email campaigns for abandoned carts, welcome messages, post-purchase follow-ups, and win-back campaigns.
  • Send product recommendations, customized offers and encourage existing customers to shop more through cross sell and up sell emails.

EQUP allows you to send text messages directly to customers' mobile phones. Create, concise, engaging messages to promote flash sales, send abandoned cart reminders with exclusive discounts, or share new product arrivals.
  • Reach your customers directly on their phones through SMS messages to get seen quickly.
  • Real-time communication of text messages creates a sense of urgency and drives quick action from customers.
  • EQUP allows two-way SMS marketing where you can send text messages to those who have opted in.
  • Targeted SMS campaigns can effectively drive sales by promoting limited-time offers and encouraging repeat purchases.

Connect with customers directly on their preferred messaging platform, i.e. WhatsApp within EQUP. Showcase product catalogs with images and descriptions, answer product inquiries in real-time, and even accept orders directly through WhatsApp chats. This personalized and interactive approach builds stronger customer relationships and boosts sales conversions.
  • Connect with customers directly on WhatsApp giving them a more personal and interactive shopping experience.
  • Allow customers to easily browse products, ask questions, and share your store link.
  • Reach your customers directly on their phones and capture their attention with personalized messages and product recommendations.
  • Answer product inquiries in real time, resolve issues quickly and enhance the overall customer experience.

Plan and schedule engaging content across various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, all within EQUP. Create captivating posts with images, videos, and product links in advance, ensuring a consistent social media flow. You can also monitor and track post likes, shares, and other aspects.
  • Plan your social media content calendar in advance, ensuring a consistent and impactful social media presence.
  • Add images, videos, and product links to your scheduled content, maximizing engagement and driving traffic to your online store.
  • Use AI to generate creative content and images that best suit your business theme or post topic.
  • Gain valuable data on social media engagement metrics like likes, shares, and comments.

AI-Powered Automation

EQUP allows you to leverage AI to automate repetitive tasks, freeing you to focus on high-impact strategies. This translates to smoother workflows, happier customers, and ultimately, more sales.

Sync EQUP and your ecommerce store to update everything from products, coupons, offers, taxes etc. without any manual interference. This means, changes made and deal updates occurring in one platform are automatically reflected in the other, ensuring a smooth workflow. With EQUP, you can define parameters to trigger actions for different ecommerce operations, such as order processing, inventory, customer communication, and marketing campaigns.
  • Customize EQUP to fit your specific needs. Define parameters to trigger automated actions for various e-commerce operations.
  • Automate repetitive tasks like order processing and customer communication, saving valuable time for your team to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Trigger targeted marketing campaigns based on customer behavior or purchase history.
  • Faster order processing and improved communication, powered by workflow automation, lead to a more positive customer experience.

EQUP’s automated marketing solution nurtures customer relationships and boosts sales effortlessly. Welcome new leads with personalized emails, keep them engaged through tailored text and WhatsApp messages. With EQUP, your online store remains at the forefront of your audience's minds, effortlessly turning product interest into conversions.
  • Use customer data to personalize marketing messages, greetings, and promotions via Text Messages and WhatsApp.
  • Schedule and publish social media posts seamlessly across multiple platforms directly within EQUP.
  • Trigger targeted cross-sell and up-sell email marketing campaigns for product recommendations, customized offers, etc.
  • Automate SMS, WhatsApp, and email marketing campaigns for abandoned carts and incomplete orders based on customer behavior.

From answering product questions and providing recommendations to assisting with order tracking and resolving issues, EQUP’s AI chatbot enhances customers’ shopping experience. Integrate it into your website and our bot will handle multiple customer interactions simultaneously, reducing wait times.
  • Engage website visitors 24/7 by answering their product queries.
  • Bot personalized interactions based on user preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior.
  • By automating routine inquiries and tasks, the bot alleviates the workload of customer support teams.

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