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  • Test your campaign using test contact to make sure campaign in running smoothly.
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The gold dust for your marketing team

Segmentation allows you to make sure what you’re sending to your customers is actually relevant to them. Show your customers exactly what they want to see.

  • Segment Based on Demography
  • Segment Based on Geography
  • Segment Based on Interaction with your Business
  • Segment Based on Purchase History
  • Segment Based on Custom Fields
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Abandoned cart campaigns

Bring back those customers who haven’t checked out of their carts yet - send them convincing emails and reminders about abandoned carts, and compel them to complete their order.

  • Abandoned Cart Email has more chance of conversion as compare to normal marketing email.
  • Customer can forget products in their cart because of different reason like price, simultaneously browsing on other website, just forget to purchase or any other Distraction. Abandoned cart campaign is a great way to remind them of the products in their cart.
  • EQUP also give you option to add discount coupon in Abandoned cart email. Which can make significant difference in conversations.
Abandoned cart campaigns

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell campaigns

Your current customers are your most valuable potential market and cross/up sell can be a great way of letting your customers know that you care.

Cross-selling creates trust in prospects and up-selling is the perfect strategy in the bid for getting ahead of your competitors.

Up-Sell & Cross-sell campaigns

Campaign Analytics

How will you ever know if your campaign is even working on your customers or not? Is it increasing or decreasing your sales? Will you go on calculating every customer journey manually?

This is where analytics comes into the picture. They gather all information about your campaigns and let your team decide what works best for your business.

  • Email Open, Click, Bounce, Spammed, Un-Subscribe
  • Leads Generated
  • marketing.Landing Page Visits.
  • Email Open Rate, Click Rate
Campaign Analytics

Compare Campaigns

Studying campaigns is one thing, and comparing them is another. Compare your current campaigns with historical ones and decide which one is better and more lucrative.

  • Compare Emails Click Rate, Open Rate
  • Compare Leads Generated through both campaigns.
  • Compare Landing page visits.
  • Email Open Rate, Click Rate
A-B Testing

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