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Key Features of EQUP’s Event Management Solution

Explore the cornerstone functionalities that EQUP's Event Management Software offers to organize successful and seamless events.

Ticketing System
Attendees Management
Sponsors Management
Email Verifier
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing
Social Media Scheduling
Landing Pages
Dynamic Forms

How To Simplify Managing Event Business with EQUP

From managing events to ticketing system and handling marketing & communication, EQUP helps event planners simplify event management with its comprehensive solutions.

Event Management

From guest registration to post-event analysis, EQUP handles it all, simplifying every aspect of event management.

With EQUP, you can effortlessly organize multiple events, create event schedules, and manage guest lists, enabling you to stay organized and in control. Receive real-time updates and event notifications, making event management easier than ever before.
  • Create and customize event schedules
  • Manage guest lists and RSVPs.
  • Stay informed with real-time updates and notifications.
  • Access post-event reports and analytics.

Simplify ticket management with EQUP. From creating and customizing event ticket types to monitoring sales and attendee check-ins, our powerful event management solution streamlines the entire ticketing process.
  • Customize ticket types.
  • Monitor sales in real-time.
  • Offer promotional discounts and coupons.
  • Easily integrate with event websites or apps.

EQUP’s efficient event registration and check-in processes are designed to enhance the attendee experience. From customizable registration forms to seamless on-site check-in solutions, our solution ensures smooth operations and resourceful attendee data management.
  • Customize registration forms to capture specific attendee information.
  • Automated check-in feature allows event check-in process.
  • Reduce queues and wait times with automated check-ins.
  • Check event attendance with automated tracking.

Organize and track event participants with EQUP. From creating personalized attendee profiles to managing ticket allocations and preferences, our event management solution updates the entire attendee management process and makes it better.
  • Create personalized attendee profiles.
  • Manage ticket allocations and preferences.
  • Send notifications and reminders to attendees.
  • Manage attendee registration processes.

Efficiently manage sponsor relationships with EQUP. Create packages, manage contracts, and handle recurring payments all from one centralized hub. Promote sponsors with dedicated landing pages and give them a dedicated space to access all event-related details.
  • Customize sponsorship packages to fit sponsor needs.
  • Centralize sponsor contracts and agreements.
  • Automate recurring payments with reminders.
  • Increase sponsor visibility with dedicated landing pages.

Manage Your Events with Confidence!

Step into the world of stress-free event management with EQUP as it helps you navigate every aspect of your events with confidence and ease.

Event Marketing

From targeted email campaigns to social media promotion and advertising, EQUP empowers you to effectively promote your events across multiple channels.

Create personalized email templates for any event, segment your audience, and track campaign performance using EQUP. Our event management solution reorganizes your entire email marketing process and allows you to optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement.
  • Create personalized email templates to suit your event.
  • Segment your audience for targeted communication.
  • Track campaign performance with built-in analytics.
  • Automate email workflows for campaign management.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your registration page.
  • Automated email sequences for better attendee communication.

From personalized messaging to targeted campaigns and automated reminders, with EQUP, you can reach attendees directly on their mobile devices.
  • Deliver instant engagement with personalized SMS.
  • Target specific audience segments.
  • Automate reminders and notifications.
  • Track campaign performance in real-time.
  • Maximize impact with messages sent directly to attendees' mobile devices.

Engage attendees on their preferred messaging platform, i.e. WhatsApp. EQUP allows you to send personalized messages, group broadcasts, and automated reminders, modernizing your event promotion efforts.
  • Engage attendees on WhatsApp, the most preferred messaging platform
  • Personalize messages and send group broadcasts
  • Automate reminders and notifications
  • Track engagement with real-time analytics
  • Optimize marketing campaigns for maximum impact

Manage your event's online presence by tracking mentions and engagement, scheduling posts, and monitoring trends. EQUP allows post scheduling in advance and streamlines social media management for your events.
  • Monitor event mentions and engagement on social media
  • Schedule posts across multiple social media platforms
  • Analyze real-time insights and analytics
  • Ensure consistent and timely communication with the audience
  • Boost brand visibility and engagement before your event

Attract and capture potential attendees with EQUP as it facilitates you to create customizable registration forms, targeted marketing campaigns, and automated follow-ups. LinkedIn integration to EQUP amplifies your lead generation efforts, targeting specific audiences.
  • Capture attendee information with customizable registration forms
  • Run targeted email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns.
  • Automate follow-up emails and reminders
  • Track lead engagement and conversion rates in real-time

Sales Management

Optimize your sales strategy with EQUP’s Sales Management, tailored specifically for event professionals. Track sales pipelines, automate invoicing and payments, and do so much more.

With customizable stages, automated follow-ups, and real-time updates, businesses can efficiently manage prospects (sponsors) and close more deals. EQUP provides a clear and organized view of your event’s sales pipeline.
  • Visualize and track lead progress through customizable stages
  • Streamline sales with automated follow-ups and reminders
  • Identify optimization opportunities in the pipeline
  • Maintain a consistent approach to sponsor management
  • Improve deal closure and revenue growth for events

Simplify sponsor payments and invoicing with our dedicated feature, designed for efficient sponsor management. Generate invoices, track payments and manage recurring billing details with EQUP as it reorganizes and updates the entire financial process of your event business.
  • Generate invoices and manage billing details
  • Track sponsor payments
  • Manage recurring billing
  • Automate payment reminders for timely payments
  • Maintain transparency with real-time reporting

Boost ticket sales by creating coupons and offering discounts. EQUP enhances your event promotions by allowing you to offer exclusive discounts and create targeted coupon campaigns, attracting attendees and increasing ticket sales.
  • Customize coupons to boost ticket sales
  • Run targeted campaigns for specific audience segments
  • Increase attendance with exclusive discounts
  • Track coupon performance with real-time analytics
  • Drive revenue growth through promotional offers

Keep your attendees informed at every step of the event with reminders and notifications. EQUP enables automated event reminders and provides real-time updates on schedule changes, enhancing attendee engagement and ensuring a smooth event experience for all.
  • Send automated event reminders to attendees
  • Send real-time event updates to attendees
  • Customize notification settings for individual preferences
  • Enhance attendee engagement with personalized messages
  • Ensure a smooth event experience with timely alerts

Get comprehensive data on your event performance to help you sell more in the next events. EQUP provides attendee details, ticket sales trends, and engagement metrics, allowing you to track progress and better understand your audience.
  • Access comprehensive data on event performance
  • Get complete attendee details
  • Generate detailed reports for insights into event engagement
  • Customize dashboards for easy tracking of key metrics
  • Make informed decisions to optimize future events

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