EQUP's eCommerce Suite

E-commerce marketing is made simple with EQUP’s automation-powered platform that allows you to send tailored campaigns, target audience, and sell more products effortlessly

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Integrate EQUP with your new or existing e-commerce stores

With EQUP's Ecommerce Management Software, Sync Data, Ensure Compliancy, and Get 24/7 Support. Effortlessly Integrate with Custom or Major E-commerce Store Providers.


Track and convert abandoned carts to successful purchases

Track Abandoned Carts with EQUP's Ecommerce Management Software. Utilize Pre-built Campaigns and No-code Interface for Effective Conversions

  • Average revenue per product
  • Stock running low
  • Sales over time
  • Revenue earned over time
  • Order received over time
Track and convert abandoned carts

Keep your store and CRM completely in sync

EQUP plugins uses two-way sync to update everything from products, coupons, offers, taxes etc. from the platform to the store without any manual interference. The user doesn’t have to go back and forth from the store to the CRM to keep both of them updated.

EQUP Two-way sync plugin

Use the power of Kanban orders sales pipelines

With EQUP’s automated pipelines, keep a track of all leads who have associated with your e-commerce store in any way, to convert them into a potential long-term customer. All pipelines are customizable, and are displayed for you to study your customer and purchase details at real time.

sales pipelines

Send the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time!

Did you know Cross Sell/Up Sell emails can increase conversion from a click by 9.16%?

EQUP allows you to drive Sales and Customer Retention with Ecommerce Management Software and send offers to your existing customers to keep them hooked with customer's previous orders. You can also analyze the conversion rate of this process and optimize your operations for better customer experiences to keep them coming back.

  • Send product recommendations
  • Send customized offers
  • Get existing customers to buy more
Cross Sell/Up Sell

Assess, Investigate and Improvise

Make data-driven decisions to find loopholes in your workflows, review business performance and analyze experiments to always keep optimizing your systems to provide supreme shopping experience to your customers.

  • Customizable metrics and widgets
  • Test workflows and analyze benefits
  • Supported with graphics
  • Built-in metrics to choose from
  • View data on sales, revenue, orders and more!
Smart Analytics

Integrate EQUP with your e-commerce business in just a few clicks to advance and enhance marketing campaigns with slick offers and a solid business plan.

Integrate EQUP with your e-commerce business

Save yourself some time and effort, and let EQUP make your sales surge beyond imagination.

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