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EQUP's Dynamic Forms empower you to seamlessly collect, analyze, and act upon customer feedback, unlocking opportunities for enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth.

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What Unique Advantages Does EQUP Offer Over Other Form Builders

EQUP stands out from other form builders with its intuitive interface and advanced customization options. Moreover, the responses are instantly routed to the right teams for swift action. Let’s know more!

Customize Forms with Ease

Craft the perfect form by adding any field you need for tailored data collection.

Embed Forms on the Website

Capture leads faster by integrating forms directly into your website flow.

Break Forms into Steps

Break down lengthy forms into bite-sized manageable steps for better customer interaction.

Customize Consent Fields

Build trust with clear consent options, giving customers control over their data sharing.

Form Integration to Landing Page

Transform visitors into leads by seamlessly integrating forms with your landing pages.

Tailor-Made Solutions with Custom Fields

Our custom fields feature allows businesses to tailor forms to your specific needs. From simple text fields to complex dropdown menus, the flexibility offered by custom fields enhances engagement and improves data quality, making EQUP’s Dynamic Forms a versatile tool for any form-building needs.

Precision Data Collection

Custom fields enable precise information collection, tailored to your business needs, ensuring relevance for decision-making and targeted marketing.

Compliance Assurance

EQUP ensures compliance with regulatory standards by allowing organizations to define data collection types and consent options, aligning practices with legal requirements.

Audience-Centric Optimization

Custom fields optimize forms for diverse audiences, enhancing engagement with relevant questions and options, improving user experience, and obtaining valuable data accurately.

Embed Forms with iFrame and CTAs

By utilizing iFrames and strategically placed CTA buttons, businesses can effortlessly incorporate forms directly onto their websites. Whether it's a contact form, survey, or subscribe form, embedding forms enables convenient access for visitors, increasing response rates and improving data collection efficiency.

Seamless Lead Management

By embedding forms using iFrame, businesses can facilitate quick and efficient data capture without requiring users to navigate away from the website. This streamlined process ensures that leads are captured in real-time, enabling prompt follow-up actions by the sales or marketing team.

Engagement-Driven CTAs

By analyzing user behavior and preferences, organizations can customize CTAs to prompt specific actions, such as signing up for newsletters, requesting more information, or registering for events. This personalized approach increases user interaction and encourages visitors to take desired actions.

Divide Lengthy Forms into Bite-sized Steps

By breaking down the form into manageable steps, users are guided through the process smoothly, reducing form abandonment rates and improving completion rates. This approach not only enhances user experience but also allows businesses to gather comprehensive data without overwhelming their customers.

Enhanced User Journey

Dynamic Forms guides customers through each step, enhancing engagement and reducing frustration, leading to a positive impression.

Higher Engagement Rates

Customers are more likely to complete forms when they can easily track progress, resulting in higher completion rates and fewer abandonments.

Efficient Data Collection

Dynamic Forms breaks down the process into manageable sections, facilitating comprehensive data collection while minimizing customer fatigue.

Build Forms Your Way Using EQUP’s Dynamic Form Builder!

Design & automate forms that work for you. EQUP's dynamic forms let you customize and embed fantastic forms with increased conversions.

Consent Management with Customizable Fields

By allowing businesses to tailor consent fields according to their specific needs, they can communicate the purpose of data collection and obtain explicit consent from users. This not only helps in adhering to regulatory requirements but also builds trust with customers.

Stay Compliant with Ease

With customizable consent fields, businesses can effortlessly stay compliant with data protection regulations, mitigating the risk of non-compliance penalties and legal disputes.

Build Trust and Transparency

By clearly communicating the purpose of data collection and providing users with control over their personal information, businesses demonstrate a commitment to respecting user privacy.

Empower Your Users

By customizing consent fields to offer clear explanations and options for data sharing, organizations empower users to exercise control over their personal information.

Integrate Forms with Landing Pages for Lead Generation

By embedding forms within landing pages, businesses can effectively convert website visitors into valuable leads. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for users to navigate to separate form pages, reducing friction and optimizing their lead generation efforts.

Boost Conversion Rates

Strategically place forms on landing pages to capture visitor information efficiently. This streamlined process eliminates barriers to entry, making it easier for visitors to engage with the form and submit their details, resulting in better conversion rates.

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