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How EQUP’s Automation Makes Agreements Effortless and Error-free

Streamline contracts lifecycle using EQUP's Agreements with E-signature as it optimizes efficiency, enhances security and accelerates agreement approval processes. Find out how!

Create Agreement Templates

Easily create agreement templates tailored to your specific needs.

AI Agreement Builder

Utilize AI to streamline the creation of agreements, saving time and effort.

Request E-signatures

Seamlessly request electronic signatures from involved parties, simplifying the signing process.

Share Agreements

Effortlessly distribute agreements to stakeholders via EQUP for efficient collaboration.

Reminders & Notifications

Set up automated reminders and notifications to ensure timely action on agreements.

Craft or Upload Your Agreement Templates

EQUP empowers businesses to craft personalized templates for sales, nondisclosure, and service agreements tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, they can conveniently upload existing agreement documents, saving valuable time otherwise spent on drafting from scratch.

Time-Saving Solution

Eliminate the need to draft agreements from scratch, as you can upload your own agreement templates.

Eliminate Scope of Errors

Ensure compliance and accuracy by utilizing standardized templates, minimizing the risk of mistakes in the agreement drafting process.

Use Variables to Improve Customization

Easily autofill customer details by incorporating variables into the agreement templates.

Customize Fields for Enhanced Precision

Add specific fields to agreements to gather essential information directly from the client, enhancing clarity in the agreement content.

AI-Powered Agreement Builder

By understanding business preferences, EQUP’s agreement builder swiftly generates customized agreements tailored to your organization specific needs. This automation not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors through its intelligent drafting capabilities.

Versatile Agreement Creation

Businesses can start agreements from scratch using our AI-driven agreement builder or upload existing agreements and make changes to make it more precise.

Dynamic Data Integration through Variables

Variable integration automates personalization, swiftly populating names, dates, and addresses, enhancing customization efficiency and accuracy.

Seamless Information Gathering

Customizable fields enrich agreements, facilitating direct collection of relevant information. This ensures seamless data capture throughout the agreement workflow.

Effortless E-Signature Integration

EQUP integrates E-signatures, ensuring contract authenticity and legality without the need for physical signatures. This expedites execution and enhances convenience.

Simplify Signature Processes with E-Signature

EQUP enables signing agreements remotely, eliminating the need for physical signatures and paper-based workflows. We employ advanced encryption and authentication to ensure document integrity and compliance with international regulations.

Sign from Anywhere, Anytime

Seamlessly sign documents from any location, at any hour, enhancing flexibility and convenience for all parties involved.

No More Printing and Scanning

Eliminate the hassle of printing, scanning, and mailing documents; simply request your clients to sign electronically through EQUP, saving time and resources.

Faster Agreement Approvals

Speed up the agreement approval process with E-signatures through EQUP, reducing turnaround time and accelerating the pace of business transactions.

Detailed Audit Trails

Gain insights into the signing process with comprehensive audit trails, including timestamps and other relevant details.

Don't Let Contract Delays Slow You Down. Switch to EQUP Today!

Ready to break free from delayed agreements? Experience efficiency and excellence in agreements with EQUP as it keeps your business moving forward without interruptions.

Improved Collaboration with Share Agreements

Invite your clients or stakeholders to electronically sign agreements from any location, eliminating delays associated with traditional paper-based processes.

Effortless Sharing Across Channels

Share agreements via various channels such as WhatsApp, email, and client portals, enabling swift communication and collaboration.

Improved Customer Experience

Enhance your clients’ experiences by providing a seamless and convenient method for reviewing and signing agreements, reducing friction in the contract negotiation process.

Quick Agreements Accessibility

Your clients can easily access agreements through email, WhatsApp, or even the client portal itself.

Manage Agreements with Reminders and Notifications

Confirm timely action on agreements by sending automated reminders and notifications to your clients or stakeholders. EQUP allows you to set up customizable reminders for key milestones, reducing missed deadlines with gentle reminders.

Notify Clients about the Signature Request

Once a document is prepared and requested for signatures, EQUP automatically triggers notifications to the designated client, informing them of the pending signature request.

Set Reminders for Signature

Conveniently set reminders within EQUP for both you and your clients. These reminders serve as gentle prompts, ensuring that everyone involved is kept on track and deadlines are met efficiently.

Add Custom Fields to Your Agreements

Integrating custom fields into agreements allows businesses to tailor documents to their needs, ensuring comprehensive customer details are included and permanently stored in the CRM.

Export Signed Agreements with PDF Compatibility

Export signed agreements in PDF format, ensuring compatibility and ease of sharing across platforms. EQUP streamlines the process of archiving and distributing important documents, facilitating efficient record-keeping. With just a few clicks, businesses can generate professional-looking PDFs of their signed agreements, enhancing productivity and ensuring seamless communication with stakeholders.

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