End-to-end workflow automation to free you with the boredom of repetitive tasks and boost productivity

Simply activate a series of actions - the creation of tasks, sending email/texts, reminders/notification, etc. - based on a few conditions customised by you. EQUP triggers workflows with 'if-then' rules that you create according to your operations and lets you put an end to monotonous manual tasks.

Workflow automation
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Custom made for your industry to cater to your exact needs

EQUP gives you the feeling of owning your own time by planning everything out and streamlining your daily business routine tasks so that orders will be sent to your team even when you have completely forgotten about them.

Workflow Builder

The power of workflow automation

Automate your personal, collaborative and business-related tasks to trigger actions based on company operations and give yourself the time and space to focus on conversions.

  • Update lifecycle stage
  • Call webhooks
  • Create Tasks
  • Assign/Remove Tag
  • Assign contact Owner
  • Add Notes
  • Create Deals
Workflow automation

Smart and efficient communication with your customers

EQUP automates the process of sending texts and emails to your leads based on their interaction with your company and behavioral analytics. Send plain text sequences or use EQUP’s mail merge features to make emails more personalized.

  • Add delay time between emails.
  • Use per-built email series to send sequences.
  • Option to stop sequence to your email.
Smart and efficient communication
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