Know your customers, better than they know themselves

EQUP has customizable sales pipeline software that allow you to track your customers' lifecycle and have a different strategy for a different set of customers based on their interactions with your company. These pipelines are automated with real-time data so that you can leave this for EQUP and focus more on conversions.

Deals & Pipeline
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Track performance with pipeline analytics

Apart from just giving you data arranged in pipelines, EQUP also calculates certain metrics based on that data, so that you can not only have a holistic view of your customers’ life cycle journey through those pipelines, but also track progress and conclude inferences out of them.

  • All Deals
  • Won Deals
  • Lost Deals
  • Win Ratio
  • Average Cycle Time
  • Average Deal Size
Smart Pipeline

Pipeline Stages based on Industry Type.

Now EQUP knows which industry your business belongs to, and hence we have pipelines that are custom made for every one. You can customize your sales lifecycle according to your business or keep the one that is pre-built into the system, choice is yours.

  • SaaS Industry Pipeline
  • Services Industry Pipeline
  • Ecommerce Industry Pipeline
Stages based Pipeline

Give your sales team the power of automated pipelines CRM and stop making different excel sheets manually for every set of your customers

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