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Customer-centric service management and billing models to transform your growth

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Booking Management

Through our convenient calendar integrated interfaces, set your booking availability to enhance work-life balance by setting your off days.

Booking Management

Customized Checkout Pages

Easily customize the style and layout of your booking checkout pages to keep it coherent with your branding identity (colours, font etc.) and functionality.

Customized Checkout

Publish & Take Booking

Embed your customized booking pages to your own website or send the link independently to take bookings from customers.

  • Pay now or later
  • Link
  • Iframe
  • Coupons
Book Appointments

Manage Appointments

Assign customer appointments to your team members and update its status as cancelled or completed. Let your team members handle client appointments even when you’re busy!

Every-time a new booking is received user gets a message notification on dashboard as well as in email.

Manage Appointments

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Manage projects like a pro

In EQUP, manage your projects very easily and boost productivity by automating mundane tasks through the portal and keep a track of the progress as well.

  • Send quote
  • Send invoice
  • Receive Full/Partial payments
  • Project Progress
Project Management

Delight your customers with great offers

In a matter of clicks, create multiple coupons to give discounts to your dear customers for various occasions and also convert potential leads into customers with great customized offers.

  • Fixed/Percentage Based
  • Used Single/Multiple Time
  • Date Based Validity
  • For specific number of customer.
Customized offers

Uncover new growth opportunities with smart analytics

EQUP allows you to experiment, analyse, improvise and iterate workflows to increase business performance with the help of accurate and real-time analytics that help you understand your company operations better than ever before.

  • Average Revenue Per Project
  • Top Performing Services by Revenue
  • Quote Sent Over Time
  • Project Started Over Time
  • Invoice Value Vs Payments Received Ratio
  • Average Revenue Per Customer
smart analytics

EQUP service suite has everything you need to grow your service business

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