Top 12 Free & Paid HubSpot Alternatives in 2024


Let us tell you a quick HubSpot story. Back in 2006, two MIT students, Dharmesh Shah, and Brian Halligan, started a small company called HubSpot. Fast forward to 2021, and HubSpot made over a billion dollars in revenue. That’s impressive growth!

Now, when it comes to sales, inbound marketing, and customer relationship management, HubSpot is considered one of the best, right? Well, kind of.

HubSpot’s CRM software faces tough competition, and there’s another thing to consider. Even though HubSpot advertises some services as free, you actually need to pay for a plan to get the real work done.

While HubSpot is well-known for marketing software, it’s also one of the priciest options. For small businesses and startups, it can be quite expensive, which makes them search for HubSpot alternatives.

For those on a paid plan, some business owners upgrade thinking it’ll solve all their problems, only to realize they’re not getting their money’s worth. To make the most of all the features, you need the right staff and time. Many end up paying for just a few top features, which can get pretty expensive.

As for those using HubSpot’s free CRM, they’re probably small or medium-sized businesses that started using it to manage their leads and customers. However, with some limitations (we’ll talk about those below), they find the service lacking but can’t afford to upgrade to a paid plan. But first, let’s delve into those limitations.

Understanding the Limitations of HubSpot for Business Needs

1. Cost

HubSpot’s basic plans start at $20 per month, or you can get the CRM Suite bundle for $50, which is pretty reasonable for small businesses.

However, if you’re looking for advanced marketing features like omnichannel marketing automation, A/B testing, deal and company scoring, dynamic personalization, and blog creation, you’ll have to pay a substantial $890 per month. Honestly, other tools out there do these things better and at a more affordable price.

Additionally, the Pro and Enterprise plans come with a 12-month contract and high onboarding fees, making them a more expensive and commitment-heavy option.

2. Reporting

While the free plan offers limited reporting features, creating custom reports and multiple dashboards becomes accessible with the additional reporting add-on, available at $200 per month. This upgrade ensures you can tailor your reports to suit your specific needs and enhance your data visualization capabilities for a more comprehensive understanding of your business metrics.

3. Templates

Reviewing the choices presented, HubSpot’s landing page and email templates may not be the most impressive. They offer an Asset Marketplace for purchasing additional templates, but this can feel a bit inconvenient, especially given the existing costs. Exploring alternative template options may be worth considering for a smoother and more cost-effective experience in building your content.

4. Tasks

It’s not a big issue, but there’s a limitation – you can’t set up tasks to repeat automatically. So, if you have things you do every day that you want to add to your Task Queues, you’ll need to add them manually each day. Also, the tasks won’t sync with your Google Calendar. While this might require a bit more manual effort, the overall simplicity of the task management system makes it easy to stay organized and on top of your daily responsibilities.

5. Customization Requests

While the platform offers a range of features, some users may find that their specific customization needs may not be fully accommodated. Customization requests for highly specialized or industry-specific requirements might face constraints within the platform, limiting the extent to which users can tailor HubSpot to their unique business processes. This could be a consideration for businesses with intricate or highly specific workflows that require a more extensive level of customization beyond what HubSpot readily provides.

Exploring Top Alternatives to HubSpot: A Comprehensive Analysis


1. ActiveCampaign – Better for Automations and Reporting

Exclusive Features: ActiveCampaign stands out with its versatile automation features, allowing businesses to create complex workflows tailored to their unique processes. The platform goes beyond basic automation, offering conditional logic and AI-driven recommendations to enhance engagement. Additionally, ActiveCampaign provides predictive sending, optimizing email delivery times for maximum impact. The reporting features not only present data but also offer actionable insights, such as customer engagement trends and personalized recommendations, enabling businesses to refine their strategies effectively.

Ideal for: ActiveCampaign is particularly well-suited for businesses with intricate and multifaceted automation requirements. Marketing teams keen on diving deep into analytics to drive data-driven decision-making will find its reporting features invaluable. Additionally, for those prioritizing a holistic view of the customer journey, ActiveCampaign’s capabilities make it an ideal choice. Its predictive sending feature is especially beneficial for optimizing email campaigns, ensuring messages reach recipients at the most opportune times, enhancing overall engagement.

2. Freshsales – Reasonably Priced CRM Software

Exclusive Features: Freshsales not only stands out for its affordability but also integrates powerful features to enhance sales and marketing efforts. The AI-driven lead scoring system enables sales teams to prioritize and focus on high-potential leads efficiently. The built-in phone system ensures seamless communication, streamlining interactions within the platform. Additionally, the inclusion of email tracking and analytics provides valuable insights into customer engagement, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Ideal for: Small to medium-sized businesses and startups seeking an optimal balance between cost-effectiveness and essential CRM functionalities. Sales teams aiming to streamline communication, identify high-value leads, and gain insights into customer interactions will find Freshsales particularly beneficial. The platform caters to those looking for an affordable yet feature-rich CRM solution to propel their sales and marketing initiatives.

Further Enhancements: Freshsales is well-suited for businesses that prioritize real-time insights into customer engagement. With features like email tracking and analytics, users can delve into the effectiveness of their communication strategies. The AI-driven lead scoring adds an intelligent layer to lead management, allowing sales teams to focus on prospects with the highest potential. Additionally, the built-in phone system simplifies communication, promoting a more efficient workflow. This makes Freshsales an ideal choice for businesses aiming to optimize their sales processes without breaking the bank.

3. EQUP – Most Comprehensive Offering

Exclusive Features: EQUP stands out as a pioneer in customization, elevating the CRM experience with its fully tailored solution. Beyond just task management, lead scoring, and reporting, EQUP ensures adaptability with a plethora of tools. Its unique selling point lies in its ability to evolve with the dynamic needs of businesses, providing a versatile and future-ready CRM solution.

Additional Benefits: EQUP’s user-centric design not only facilitates ease of use but also promotes rapid adoption across diverse teams. Its scalability is a significant advantage, ensuring that as businesses grow, EQUP remains a reliable and efficient CRM partner. The platform’s commitment to security is noteworthy, instilling confidence in the protection of sensitive business data.

Ideal for: EQUP is the perfect fit for businesses of all sizes that crave a fully personalized CRM experience. Its adaptability is particularly beneficial for industries with specific and evolving needs, making it equally suitable for startups navigating rapid growth and established enterprises looking for a comprehensive, future-proof solution.

EQUP goes beyond the conventional CRM experience, offering a harmonious blend of customization, scalability, and security. Whether you’re charting the course for a budding startup or steering an established enterprise, EQUP stands as a steadfast ally in achieving a seamlessly tailored CRM journey.

4. Zoho CRM – Good All-Rounder

Exclusive Features: Zoho CRM distinguishes itself as a comprehensive solution, encompassing a wide array of features within the customer relationship management spectrum. Its standout features include AI-driven insights that enhance decision-making, robust process automation capabilities, and seamless integrations with third-party apps, contributing to its all-encompassing functionality. The platform’s user-friendly interface and customizable options further enhance its appeal.

Ideal for: Zoho CRM is an excellent fit for businesses in search of a versatile CRM solution that effectively addresses needs in sales, marketing, and customer service. Its adaptability makes it suitable for various industries, offering scalability and customization options. Whether you’re a small startup or an established enterprise, Zoho CRM provides a comprehensive yet user-friendly platform to streamline and enhance your customer relationship management processes.

Additional Content: Zoho CRM understands that different industries have unique needs. The platform allows for industry-specific customization, ensuring that businesses can tailor their CRM to align with industry standards and specific workflows.

all rounder

5. GetResponse – Autofunnel Feature and Landing Pages

Exclusive Features: GetResponse’s Autofunnel feature is a game-changer, seamlessly blending sales and marketing automation. This all-in-one solution not only streamlines the sales funnel process but also offers pre-designed, high-converting landing pages. These professionally crafted templates empower businesses to create visually appealing and effective online campaigns with ease. Moreover, GetResponse provides robust email marketing tools, allowing for a comprehensive approach to customer engagement.

Ideal for: Businesses heavily invested in online marketing, especially those seeking a unified platform that effortlessly integrates funnel creation, email marketing, and landing pages. GetResponse is particularly beneficial for marketers looking to streamline their online campaigns and enhance their overall digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re a small business or a growing enterprise, the all-encompassing features make it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize their online presence and customer reach.

6. Pipedrive – Easy-to-Use and Affordable CRM Software

Exclusive Features: Pipedrive’s appeal extends beyond its simplicity and affordability. The platform offers a visual sales pipeline that provides a clear overview of the sales process, facilitating efficient tracking and management. Goal tracking capabilities allow teams to set and monitor sales objectives easily. The platform also excels in integrations, seamlessly connecting with various business tools to enhance overall functionality.

Ideal for: Small businesses and sales teams seeking an intuitive CRM solution that prioritizes user-friendliness while providing advanced features. Pipedrive strikes a commendable balance between affordability and essential sales tools, making it an excellent choice for those looking to streamline their sales processes without breaking the budget.

Additional Benefits: Pipedrive’s mobile accessibility ensures that sales teams can stay connected and productive on the go. The customizable dashboard allows users to tailor their view, focusing on the metrics and information most relevant to their roles. With a robust set of features and a user-centric design, Pipedrive caters to businesses aiming for simplicity without compromising on the tools needed for effective sales management.

7. Brevo – Affordable Solution with Plenty of Features

Exclusive Features: Brevo not only stands out for its cost-effectiveness but also boasts a rich set of features crucial for effective customer relationship management. From lead and deal management to contact segmentation and email campaigns, Brevo’s feature stack is designed to meet essential CRM needs without straining your budget. Additionally, it offers user-friendly interfaces and customization options for a seamless experience.

Ideal for: This CRM solution is particularly well-suited for small to mid-sized businesses that prioritize cost-effectiveness without compromising on crucial CRM functionalities. Brevo’s robust toolset ensures that businesses can efficiently manage their customer relationships, track leads, and streamline email campaigns, all while staying within budget constraints.

Brevo not only offers an affordable CRM solution but also packs in essential features, scalability, user-friendly interfaces, and robust support, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to manage customer relationships effectively without straining their budget.

8. Omnisend – Best Solution for Ecommerce

Exclusive Features: Omnisend is not just a CRM solution; it’s a tailored powerhouse for ecommerce. Its suite of exclusive features includes robust automated workflows, personalized messaging capabilities, and a user-friendly visual automation editor. The platform’s emphasis on ecommerce automation goes beyond the standard CRM functionalities, allowing businesses to create targeted campaigns, automate responses, and deliver personalized experiences throughout the customer journey.

Ideal for: Ecommerce businesses seeking a specialized CRM solution designed explicitly for their online retail needs. Omnisend’s comprehensive features streamline ecommerce operations, from managing product recommendations and order tracking to executing targeted marketing campaigns. The platform empowers businesses to enhance customer interactions, drive sales, and foster long-term loyalty in the competitive online retail landscape.

Additional Insights: Omnisend’s focus on ecommerce goes beyond traditional CRM functionalities, incorporating advanced features such as cart abandonment emails, product retargeting, and order confirmation workflows. This makes it an indispensable tool for businesses looking not only to manage customer relationships but also to optimize the entire ecommerce experience for increased conversions and customer satisfaction.

9. Drip – Ecommerce Automation

Exclusive Features: Drip stands out with its laser focus on ecommerce automation, offering an array of exclusive features tailored to enhance online retail marketing. Among its key offerings are personalized product recommendations, robust customer behavior tracking, and advanced segmentation capabilities. These features empower businesses to craft highly targeted and personalized campaigns, ensuring a tailored approach to each customer.

Additional Benefits:

· Advanced Personalization: Drip’s capabilities extend to advanced personalization, allowing businesses to create highly customized interactions based on individual customer preferences and behaviors.

· Dynamic Segmentation: The segmentation features go beyond traditional categorization, enabling dynamic segmentation that adapts in real-time to changes in customer behavior.

· Email Workflow Automation: Drip facilitates the creation of intricate email workflows, ensuring timely and relevant communication throughout the customer journey.

· Multi-Channel Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates with various channels, enabling businesses to maintain a consistent and cohesive brand presence across different platforms.

Ideal for: Drip proves to be an invaluable asset for ecommerce businesses that prioritize automating marketing processes and aspire to elevate customer engagement. Whether you’re a growing online retailer or an established ecommerce brand, Drip’s features contribute significantly to a more personalized, efficient, and effective ecommerce marketing strategy.

10. Ontraport – Personalize Buyer Experiences with Funnels

Exclusive Features: Ontraport stands out with its dedication to creating personalized buyer experiences, leveraging sophisticated funnel capabilities. In addition to robust lead scoring, it offers advanced email marketing functionalities and CRM automation, ensuring a seamless and tailored customer journey. Ontraport’s intuitive visual editor allows businesses to design intricate sales funnels that adapt to individual customer behaviors and preferences.

Ideal for: This platform is an excellent choice for businesses that prioritize crafting highly personalized customer journeys. Whether you’re in e-commerce, consulting, or any industry, Ontraport’s features cater to those who seek to create targeted and effective sales funnels that resonate with their audience. The platform’s adaptability makes it suitable for businesses at various stages of growth, allowing for scalable and personalized interactions with customers.

11. Wishpond – Modern-Looking Templates

Exclusive Features: Wishpond distinguishes itself with its array of modern-looking templates, ensuring that marketing campaigns are not only effective but also visually appealing. In addition to templates, it provides robust lead generation tools, social contests, and marketing automation features. The platform’s intuitive design capabilities empower businesses to create engaging campaigns effortlessly.

Ideal for: Wishpond is an excellent choice for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence with visually striking marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a small business or a marketing team without extensive design resources, Wishpond streamlines the process, making it ideal for those seeking a visually impressive yet user-friendly solution.

Additional Benefits: Wishpond’s social contest features enable businesses to boost brand awareness and engage with their audience effectively. The platform’s marketing automation tools further contribute to streamlining workflows, saving time, and ensuring a cohesive and automated marketing strategy.

12. Aritic PinPoint – Stack Pricing Model Without the Crazy Price Tag:

Exclusive Features: Aritic PinPoint goes beyond its stack pricing model, offering an array of exclusive features to elevate your CRM experience. In addition to robust lead scoring, precise campaign tracking, and behavior-based automation, it provides advanced analytics, social media integration, and personalized content delivery. This ensures that your CRM strategy is not only cost-effective but also equipped with cutting-edge functionalities.

Ideal for: Aritic PinPoint is the perfect fit for businesses seeking a scalable CRM solution that doesn’t compromise on features. Whether you’re a growing startup or an established enterprise, the stack pricing model caters to businesses of all sizes. The platform’s versatility makes it particularly beneficial for those who require a flexible pricing structure that aligns with their evolving needs and budget constraints.

Additional Insight: Aritic PinPoint’s commitment to user satisfaction extends to its responsive customer support and ongoing updates, ensuring that your CRM solution remains current and adaptable. The stack pricing model allows businesses to scale up without facing exorbitant costs, making it an attractive choice for those who prioritize a balance between affordability and comprehensive CRM functionality.


Conclusion on HubSpot Alternatives

So, there are many alternatives to HubSpot available in the market that not only cost less but also offer a product that is often better. Each solution is unique, and the best choice depends on the specific needs of your business. To summarize which tool is suitable for different purposes:

· If you need top-notch automations, consider ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Omnisend, or Ontraport.

· For an easy-to-use tool with robust features, options like Freshsales, EQUP, Pipedrive, or Drip are good choices.

In terms of value for money, you might want to explore Omnisend ($16), Freshsales ($29/user/month), Zoho ($30/user/month), EQUP ($49/month), Pipedrive ($59/month), or Brevo’s Premium plan ($66/month).

Feel free to share in the comments which alternative you decide to go for and how it works out for you!

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